Image of the Other. Academic Dialogue in the Post-Soviet Space — Joint project of the Institute of Education Development and Kennan Institute
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The project goals and objectives

The project aim is to respond to the above needs and to mobilize the scholarly
community for combatting the spread of xenophobia, ethnic, cultural, gender and
other forms of intolerance manifested through use and abuse of the image of the
Public goal of this project is the representation of balanced, scholarly grounded
approach, unbiased mode of thinking and impartial style of the speech addressing
highly controversial and politically manipulated problems and issues related to use
and abuse of the image of ‘the Other’.

The project was focused on three major objectives:

1. To organize large scale systemic research effort aimed at:
a) analysis and deconstruction of cultural, social, ethnic, gender, racial stereotypes
(this will begin with an identification of current events, the analysis of which
promises to yield a deeper understanding of a larger set of similar events.)
b) analysis and deconstruction of political strategies, discourses, manipulative
technologies aimed at creation, use, misuse and abuse of the image of ‘the Other.’
(Since the process of imagining ‘the Other’ is familiar human tendency that does
not in every instance result in violence and repression, the analysis will also seek to
identify situations of multicultural contact and coexistence that exemplifies living
with difference.)
c) creating forums for the expression of opinion and articulating attitudes of
international scholarly communities on these issues, in communication with civil
society – independent media, scholarly circles, non-governmental organizations.


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