About The Institute

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Charitable foundation "Institute for Education Development" is a non-governmental organization established in November 2013 on the basis of former Education program of the International Renaissance Foundation.

The IED mission is to promote innovation and reform in education.

The IED aims to provide high quality reseacrh and expertise in the fields of education, education policy, humanities and social sciences.

The IED conslidates experts, scholars and public activists devoted to reform and innovation from Ukraine and abroad.



Georgiy Kasianov
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Dr. Sc. (History). In 2000 - 2013 - Education Program Director, International Renaissance Foundation. Headed and implemented more then a dozen of national level educational projects in Ukraine. Expert in education policy, project management and evaluation. Author and co-author of research and policy reports on Bologna process, education management and financing, politics of memory/history. Currently - head of Education Advisory Group (SAG) which co-operates with the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine and the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Education in elaboration of education reform road-map. Co-author of the Concept of the Development of Education in Ukraine for 2015 - 2025.
Olena Zaplotynska
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Projects manager.
Candidate of Science (History), Research fellow at the Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Since 2007 has been working in the field of international education projects. In 2009-2012 — Education program manager at the International Renaissance Foundation.

Oleksandr Androshhuk
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Project Coordinator.

Candidate of Science (History), senior researcher at the Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 2012-2014 - Education program manager at the International Renaissance Foundation. Took part at the preparation of the final report on the analysis of textbooks on the history of Ukraine and a handbook for authors and editors of publishing houses' "History textbooks: Problems of Tolerance"(2012).