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On February 12, 2014 the Institute for Education Development has launched an initiative: creation of coalition of non-governmental organizations for education reform.

The Coalition goal: to create a comprehensive and clear education reform road map. to discuss it with broader educational community and to present it to the government. The Coalition was created during Maidan revolution, therefore, the roadmap was seen as an alternative to the official government policies in the field. Since March 2014 the coalition started close cooperation with current government, the coalition representatives have joined the government as a top level civil cervants. Since July 2014 the coalition representatives have formed the Strategy Advisory Group in Education (SAGE) and started expert assistance for the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The SAGE has also started expert and advisory work on the road map of education reform. The SAGE work is financially supported by the International Renaissance Foundation. 

Coalition members: International Renaissance Foundation, Institute for Education Development, International Foundation for Education Policy Research, Agency for Education policy Development, Center for Society Research, Center for education monitoring, Center for testing technologies and quality of education monitoring