Lyudmyla Parashchenko
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Doctor of science (State management). Director of Kyiv Business Lyceum. Hold the position of prof. at National Academy of Management and KROK University. Head of Education Policy Development Agency.

Lyudmyla's major areas of interest are democratization of state management, service approach in state management, autonomy, financing and diversity in education. Lyudmyla is an expert in Ukraine-Svitzerland project «Development on civic competence in Ukraine 2013-2016 (DOCCU).

Author of more than 85 publication. For instance, Державне управління розвитком загальної середньої освіти в Україні: методології, стратегії, механізми»; Ukraine Education System // Balancing Freedom, Autonomy and Accountability in Education. Vol. 4/ Chares Glenn, Jan de Groof, ed, 2012.