Taras Dobko
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Ph.D. in philosophy, Candidate of Sciences in Philosophy (Specialization in Ethics). Have been holding position of senior vice-rector, associate professor at the department of philosophy at Ukrainian Catholic University. Affiliated International Humanities Association. Taras' major arear of interest are higher education, university autonomy and academic culture in Ukraine, quality assurance in higher education. Also he is a member of Program Board of International Renaissance Foundation Education Program.

Taras is an author of number of publication on education. For instance, the recent ones are “Intellectual and University: Obscurantism or Culture of the Intellect?” (in Ukrainian) // Journal «Ideology and Politics», «University and Theological Education in Ukraine: the Autonomy of Knowledge and Intellectual Necessity of Theology» (in Ukrainian) // Philosophical Thought: Special Issue of Sententiae ІІІ. «Christian Theology and Contemporary Philosophy», 2012 – Vinnytsya: Vinnytsya National Technical University, 2013. P. 200-212.«Emancipating Higher Education in Ukraine from the Post-Soviet Legacy: A Problem of Trust and Academic Excellence»(in English) // Universidade em Debate, Pontificia Universidade Católica do Parana. - V. 1, n. 1 (jul./dez.2013). - Curitiba: Champagnat, 2013. P.76-86.